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  • Please tell if it is possible or not.

    1. Why do they have to login to the blog?
    2. Search – there were different hacks to bring together user tables for different applications.

    1.They don’t have to login to the blog, that’s what I’m trying to avoid.
    2. Can you please give me a hint or something to start, I don’t know much about the wordpress $_SESSION, how does he keep track if somebody is logged in? I

    Example: I enter the portal, I log in, and than after reading some article in the main page I click the Blog section and want to write some post, or coment, so the user is actually logged in, and my question is how to maintain the $_SESSION for the wordpress, so when he/she wants to write a post it does not have to login.

    Well, I would never let everybody to write a post.
    For comments nobody has to be logged in. – so this one is solved.

    As a second thought: you can let them write posts using this plugin:
    can be set up to let them do it without registering and logging in.

    Thanks very much for the fast reply and for your help.

    It is required (portal politics) to be a registered user in order to write a posts.

    I want for the whole user management system to use the wordpress table
    wp_users, you remember there are two kinds of systems the portal and the wordpress how to merge the user management system of wordpress with the portal?

    example: wherever I login in, i’m recognized everywhere, and a name or nickname of the user should be displayed in the top of the page somewhere.

    is there some $_SESSION filled up with info’s so I can pick up whatever I want, and wherever i go I am recognized…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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