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  • I am the webmaster for an organization that has documentation they want to have available to their membership. Currently I have it set up so that if you are not logged in, you won’t see the menu that allows access to the docs. The problem is that if someone does a google search for “XXXX Membership Directory”, they get the link to the page where the document is accessed. They are all in a panic about this even though I doubt anyone is going to do a google search for “XXXX Membership Directory” since the only people who know it exists are the members.

    Anyway, how can I fix this. I need to somehow lock it down so that if someone tries a direct link to a document when they are not logged in, they will not be able to access the document.

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  • First, you can disable Google and other search engines from indexing your site by using a robots.txt file. WordPress has a setting to disable all Google indexing, or you can manually configure to only disable for certain pages.

    For protecting the page itself, you’ve got the Private Only plugin. Alternatively, you could password protect the pages, although that would probably be a huge pain for documentation.

    Finally, if they’re really paranoid about security, you could configure Apache’s .htaccess file to only allow access to those pages from certain IP addresses (the ones located in their office). I would recommend against it though, hard to configure and IP addresses can change.

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