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  • Hi,
    I am really trying, but I don’t get it.
    Let’s say I use Headspace (a Kubrick Mod):
    Now you see the light brown bottom graphic…? How can move this one to the bottom of the page so that there is no space between the browser and the graphic. In a normal HTML page I would simply put a >>bottom-margin= “0”<< into the body tag, but obviously this doesn’t work here.
    So what do I have to do? I even tried to use a bottom-margin in the #footer in the css file, but in that case IE6.0 doesn’t move the graphic to the bottom (only Firefox does).
    Thanks for any tip,

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  • It may be the footer image itself, which may include some background color along the bottom. Have a look at the image in an image editor to see if this is the case. Then, if you wish, simple crop out the space and you’re done.

    That was my first idea, but this is not the case. Same goes for the header image by the way.

    I dont know if you have it up and running anywhere but a url and a glimpse at the code would give the CSS guys a fighting chance of giving you a hand.

    I have the same problem. Here is my url:

    Holy cow! I was just doing a search about this issue just now! =) I was wondering the same about this, and tried messing with the footer codes in the css file and the header.php file. I even had been working the past few days on making a new image for the footer. Even when I went in to the footer.php to take alot of that extra information out, it just got really small and the image wasn’t even there. Just a small tan line where the new information was. Apparently that was the original background color of the whole blog or footer.

    I was hoping this job would be easy, but it’s turning out to be more of a pain in the arse then anything… =( I hope this can be solved soon, as I had already put enough time into adjusting certain page codings, and even had been working on new images for a look…

    Here’s a link to the Headspace css file I’m currently working on:

    It’s been modified though of course. But not that bad, just some color codes and such. I was going to just download another template that wasn’t so complicated to edit lol, and just make it the way I want it. But, I had so much time into this one, I really don’t want to give up. Please help.. =)


    P.S. I just want the image itself in the bottom without margins just as the original poster of this thread.. and margin at the head as well. The idea of this for me is to have a header and footer image locked into position while just the side imagery is there, kinda like it is here at

    Mmm….Did everyone give up on it lol?


    Yes, usually we give up on threads more than one year old (the post before Mezzoforte’s) because that was the time of a totally different previous version – before the introduction of themes.

    O ok…wasn’t sure of the “time” of the post…just seen it was in-regards to the problem I was having…sorry about that. I posted a question over at the Theme Maker’s site..


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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