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  • Hi. To change the font size of the body text in my theme Furies at Themeforest, I was instructed to open /css/screen.css edit line 59.

    The problem is that I cannot locate css/screen.css for my theme. I have tried right-clicking the theme and viewing the frame source, but I couldn’t find the right path.

    Anyone able to help?


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  • You can’t access files in sub-directories from the Dashboard – so you’ll need to use FTP or other file-level access.

    But perhaps more importantly, I would strongly advise against changing ANY theme files – as your changes will be overwritten when the theme is updated. Instead you can make changes using a custom CSS option (if the theme has one) or add via a plugin such as Custom CSS Manager – then you ADD CSS code there that will override the theme’s original CSS.

    Thanks. I understand that after I locate the appropriate file and edit it, I have to upload via FTP.

    My issue is simply locating screen.css. How is that accomplished?

    Look in the theme folder – possibly inside a folder called “css”?

    We don’t have access to commercial themes so really have less info than you do :).

    Just use your FTP client and look for it. For example I use the Razor theme which has multiple style sheets. They’re located in the root folder of the theme. So:


    takes you to the main one.

    What I do is copy it to my computer then immediately rename the file on the server to-style-default.css-original, so in case I do something really stupid I can go back. -:)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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