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  • I’m using Blix. I was wondering if someone knew what I’d have to do to my php so that when you click on “about” that the content for that page loads, but the sidebar remains on the side. By default Blix does not do this. Here is my site. Thank you!


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  • Re-design blix. Or at least the Page template. There is no other way around. Maybe somebody has already done it, so wait patiently until they show up.
    Most helpers don’t like the blix… so don’t have high expectations 🙂

    Well, honestly the only reason I’m holding on to this theme is because of the BX Functions and how it organizes my pages. If you can suggest a better theme for me that has that flexibility then please let me know.

    Well, I hate it exactly because of those special functions – since the author refuses to support it and every newbie comes here with their questions… when they get stuck.

    I don’t know your blog and how you organize your content, so I cannot suggest a theme. But there are more than 400 out there.

    Yeah I understand. I realize he does not have any support for it.

    I just want something that
    -lets me build up pages that are not seen in the navigation
    -allows me to load the sidebar with those pages.

    I know there are themes out there that have that second thing I’m looking for but would building up pages not seen on the navigation be a difficult task or no?

    If you use the standard wp_list_pages tag it will show every Page you make – unless you exclude them manually (every time you create a new Page). It’s a pain… I know.
    In many cases if I need a horizontal navmenu for several Pages (like About, Contact, Search, Whatever) I just create a separate file with that hardcoded list and include it wherever I need it. In this way I can use the template tag (and I have to exclude only once the Pages that are in the navmenu) and the template tag can display all my other Pages in the sidebar.

    It’s just one possible approach.

    Another thing – if you are into coding, since WP 2.0 you can hhave a functions.php file in every theme folder where you can define your own functions for that theme.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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