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  • This is a great plugin but I have a question.

    I use it to embed multiple pages of a PDF on my website but only the first page in its frame loads. For the rest nothing loads until I right-click > This Frame > Reload This Frame and then it loads and the page is displayed.

    How can I get all frames to load GDE and display the embedded document at the same time?

    If that is not possible then how can I use just one frame for GDE but have GDE embed a specific page range of a PDF file I have uploaded to WordPress?

    Thanks – Ian

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  • Plugin Author k3davis



    The viewer should be displaying the entire document. I’ve seen it glitch on some occasions when the files are very long (a large page count, not necessarily large in size). Using the “standard viewer” option if you’re not already might alleviate this. I’d have to see some examples of the problem to give you specific advice otherwise.

    There is in fact no way at present to tell GDE to load only a particular page or page range of an embedded document. It is “all or nothing.”


    Hello Kevin.

    Thanks for replying. My document was indeed large so that seems to be the reason but I have two further questions if I may?

    1 – Can I link some text and then have the link open GDE in a new window with a PDF of my choice?

    2 – If 1 is possible, can said PDF be secure (no ability to download or copy and paste) as well?

    Many thanks for your time.


    Plugin Author k3davis



    You can, but you’ll have to do some rigging as GDE doesn’t have the UI to help you with this. I would suggest steps something like this:

    1) Embed the document on a test page using the max-doc-security profile (profile 2) assuming you haven’t modified it in a way that makes it not secure.

    2) View that page in your browser (preview in draft mode if you like)

    3) View the source of the resulting page in your browser, and search for “gde” to find the iframe tag containing your embedded document.

    4) Copy the value of the iframe’s src= attribute (by default this will point to a “tinyurl” that links to the secure version of your document)

    5) Link your selected text elsewhere to this URL as normal.

    Essentially you have to embed the document normally first so GDE generates the secure link, view the page source to retrieve that secure link, then use that link on your new page. Because it’s a direct link to the doc and not an iframe anymore, it will load full screen. If you want it to open in a new window, use basic html (set target="_blank" on your link).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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