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  1. CRD73
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    I am working on a website that has to be in english with a link in the main navigation to an identical website in french. I have already set this up as follows: http://www.abcwebsite.com (english) and http://www.abcwebsite.com/fr/ (french).

    My question is, how do I get the "french" link in the main navigation to go to the identical page on the french site instead of it always going to the same page?


    I visit the english site (abcwebsite.com) for the first time and land on the home page. I hit the "francais" link and I see the exact same design (abcwebsite.com/fr/)but the content is now displayed in french. This is the expected result that I was hoping for.

    I visit the english website again and view a child page on the site (abcwebsite.com/news/). I hit the "francais" link in the main navigation and I expect to be directed to the same page on the french website (abcwebsite.com/fr/nouvelles/) but instead I am directed to the home page of the french website (abcwebsite.com/fr/).

    Basically, I want to be able to hit the english or francais link in the main nav so that I can bounce back and forth between languages at will, instead of always going back to the home page each time.

    Any suggestions? Do I have to create a custom menu for each individual page of the site.

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