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  • I need help pls.
    My problem is:
    I have for example 5 links:
    Home | News | Sport | Night Life | School | Blog
    Each link is pointing to its own webpage, different design, different logic, etc for example

    1. Home is <a href=”<strong>index.php</strong>”>Home</a>
    2. News is <a href=”<strong>news.php</strong>”>News</a>
    3. Sport is <a href=”<strong>sport.php</strong>”>Sport</a>
    4. Night Life is <a href=”<strong>nightLife.php</strong>”>Night Life</a>
    5. School is <a href=”<strong>school.php</strong>”>School</a>
    6. Blog is <a href=”<strong>blog.php</strong>”>Blog</a>

    On each page I use some built in functions “query_posts ..” and so on to retrieve content from wordpress
    But, my problem is I can not point to these files, If I go and click to the link it displays To me nothing. I can point jus to index.php

    The pages news.php, sport.php, nightlife.php, school.php, blog.php
    Pls help if you can… if you know how to get this to function pls tell me.

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