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  • I’m trying to launch a Windows Explorer folder on a local network share. Our users are mixed on IE7 (most of users are using this) and FireFox.

    I’ve tried many different suggestions… These are the last two that I tried: file://///networkshare/folder/ or file:///x:/folder

    Is there some setting I need to change in WordPress to allow it to create links to local files and folders?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • I’m looking for this, too. I know last year I was able to do this, but this year I am not. The only reason I know is that each May, we post an Excel spreadsheet on the network that managers use to sign their staff up for a 2-hour class time on one of three days. I found last year’s post and clicked on the Excel link. It just sits there looking silly now, where I know for a fact that it worked before… the sheet is populated and that’s the only way they would have gotten to it.

    It would be great if someone had an answer.

    My link looked like this: file:///X:/filename.xls

    Lisa – I got it working by making the link file://///x:/filename.xls — But here is the important step.. You need to make your site a trusted site in IE7.

    Hope that helps!


    It worked after I made our site trusted (thanks)! Not that I want to have to change the security settings in IE (we use 8) on our office PC’s.. I wish there was another way.

    Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

    I am looking for a work around the trusted site fix. Isn’t there a way to have IE prompt the user to trust the website?

    I decided it probably wasn’t secure in our environment to link to a file on our network share, even if our site is protected. I sent people an email instead, instructed them to pull up the file themselves from the network share, which they found easy enough to do.

    Yeah I thought about that, but my IT dept wasn’t to keen on that…

    The must me another way…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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