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    As the title says, I would love images in excerpts on homepage(or category pages) not to link to corresponding posts but the images itself.

    So, when someone go to homepage, and click on some of the posts images, he won’t be redirected to the post, but will see this image in full size(either on the same or other page, it doesn’t matter really).

    Any thoughts on how to achieve this?


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  • can you post more details such as the name and download link of your theme?

    generally, excerpts ( ) do not show images.

    and the image links can be set when inserting or editing images in posts.



    Hello, and thank you for trying to help!

    here is the theme download link:

    I can’t see any specific excerpt output in oulipo, apart from in search results.

    you are possibly using the ‘more-tag’ to shorten the posts; in which case any images before the more tag would show in the ‘excerpt’ with whatever link you have given to those images when you inserted them into the post.

    please post a live link to illustrate what you are referring to as ‘excerpt’ with the linked images.



    I’ve tried figuring out the theme code as well, but found nothing.

    You opened my eyes!

    Now I see that client was actually messing something with posts. I’ve cleared that up, and as you said – whatever link is given to images, that’s exactly the link in the excerpt as well.

    Thanks again, problem solved.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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