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  • Hi,

    How to link files on the network for intranet?
    I want to link file://host/files/test.htm for example.

    It works fine if i type in ie or firefox, but within word press, the link doesn’t work.
    <a> test </a>

    Any ideas?


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  • Your link did not work. Try again.
    Even though it is local you should still use “http” instead of file. Unless you have a specific reason not to.

    Just tried it, didn’t work.
    Any other ideas?

    You can’t link to files without http://

    in my browser, i can link and open files on the intranet network with
    file://host/file1.htm fine. I can not open a file with “http://host/file1.htm” on the intranet network.

    in my browser, i can link and open files on the intranet network

    That’s because you’re within an intranet and using a file system. A web site is a separate entity – even if it is hosted within the intranet – and cannot use the file:// protocol. You will either have to host the files on the server or include the files in web pages using some other method.

    my site is only for intranet, not for the open www. I’m able to use the file:// protocol with the browsers but it doesn’t work when coded in wordpress. any idea why?


    it sounds like you have hit Browser security. Most modern browsers will not execute a file: link from within a http: (delivered) page. That is why you need to use http: But the pathing/URI may have to be changed. Keep in mind http: is delivered through the web server while file: is NOT delivered but opened directly by the client as a local file. This is why file: is a security issue and should never be used.
    The browsers will launch the file but not within an http: delivered page.

    ok thanks for the info. looks like there is no solution for this.

    hi esmi, yhowardyang, webjunk,

    i kinda have the same problem as yhowardyang has/had. I made a wordpress site which is not for the open net, but is used as intranet. So it is online..

    I want to create a page named: ‘shortcuts’. On this page I want shortcuts to files on my local network. However, after I made the link, it simply will not open. If copy and paste the link in a new browser, it works without a problem.

    Example given:


    I already used a lots of variants; forward slashes, backward slashes, multiple slashes, without ‘file:’ etc. etc. Does someone has the solution how I can make this work?



    Please post a new topic.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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