[resolved] how to link between an existing database with a new wordpress folder (1 post)

  1. depro
    Posted 3 years ago #

    i had wordpress site that I had to delete all of its files because it seems that some suspecious files sneaked into it ..
    and because I couldn't clean the wordpress folder I had to delete it completely ..
    but I still have my databse which contains all my news, posts ... the whole archieve which is very very important to me ...
    after i deleted my wordpress folder ... i uploaded a new copy of the version of it ... and I tried to link my old database with the new wordpress folder copy that i uploaded ..
    I edited the (wp-config.php) file with the information of that existing database which contains all my posts ... but when I opened my site I saw a blank page !!!!!!!

    ok now
    - how can I make my posts and my whole archieve that is on batabase show on a new wordpress folder ?
    - how can I link between an old database with a new copy of wordpress folder

    I need help very much and I would appreciate any help that you give

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