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  • Plugin Author Zack Katz


    Close, but no cigar! I read that before and it’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

    Zack, what I need to be able to do is have your directory show a rolling list of the last X days of approved/submitted entries.

    ie, I would like to show all entries from 2013-02-15 to 2013-02-21 for today. Tomorrow I’d like to “automatically” show all entries from 2013-02-16 to 2013-02-22. The following day will be 2013-02-17 to 2013-02-23. Etc, etc

    So I guess what I’m asking, is there a way to do this automatically, using a rolling date criteria?

    Thanks in advance, Zack.

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    This could be done with PHP to output a date inside the shortcode.

    $shortcode = '[directory form="%s" start_date="%s" end_date="%s"]';
    $form_id = '29'; // Replace this
    $start = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-7 days'));
    $end = date('Y-m-d', time());
    echo do_shortcode(sprintf($shortcode, $form_id, $start, $end));

    I’ve spent about 2 hours with various combos and it’s still showing all entries and I’m losing any mods to the directory including your extra touches with this latest update. So when you get a chance, if you can guide me slightly more, I’d really appreciate it.

    Here’s your modified code I’m using in the Shortcode Exec PHP plugin…
    $shortcode = ‘[directory form=”%s” start_date=”%s” end_date=”%s” approved=”true” useredit=”true” adminedit=”true” lightboxsettings=”images” jstable=”true”]’;
    $form_id = ‘1’; // Replace this
    $start = date(‘Y-m-d’, strtotime(‘-7 days’));
    $end = date(‘Y-m-d’, time());
    echo do_shortcode(sprintf($shortcode, $form_id, $start, $end));

    It’s working to get your directory showing on my page, but, like I just mentioned, losing any directory modifications and all entries are still showing.

    So if you can help someone who wants to learn, needs a little more guidance, I promise to stay sober until then…maybe.

    Thank you.

    ps, I also promise to leave positive feedback once I get everything resolved.

    Zack, could you explain a bit more on how to handle the php you provided me? I’d really, really appreciate it. I could do things with limited assistance. And it doesn’t have to be using a 3rd party plugin for the php. Plus, if other people may have a similar question in the future, at least there will be an answer for them on the forum. Thank you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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