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    I’ve got a site that has built-in adsense units (Prosense theme) in the sidebar and at the top of the page. I use a wordpress plugin (All in one Adsense and YPN) to add another unit at the bottom of pages and posts., i.e. there are a total of three adsense units per page.

    Now, I’m trying to install a google custom search box and have created a page called “search results.” Since my template has the page area and two sidebars on the right, I selected top and bottom for the ads (options are top and bottom, top and right, or right).

    The problem is that when a user does a search, there are the three adsense units from my site template, plus two more from google custom search, i.e. 5 ad units showing vs. maximum three allowed per page.

    I expected google to automatically block out two fo the five units with public service ads or something like that, but all five units show. I have therefore removed the custom search box for now to avoid running afoul of the regulations.

    But what can I do to work around this problem? Using the plugin I can at least deactivate the ad unit inserted at the bottom, but the sidebar and top are “hard-wired” into the template…I don’t want to lose these on the other pages…

    I hope someone can help.


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