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  • Is there any hack / plugin to limit the author to just be able to post only in specific category ?
    Author A => only able to post in Category A
    Author B => only able to post in Category A

    I’ve looked around .. and can’t find anything.

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  • I’m in the same boat. I’m setting up WordPress for the College so that the departments can post events and news.

    I setup categories for each department with a subcategory of events and news.

    1. I’d like to create users that can publish only to their department categories – how can I do this?

    2. I’d like to create RSS icon so that readers can subscribe to RSS feed for just the department category they wish and not the entire site.
    When I subscribe with Feedreader I get all the posts so don’t know how to get RSS for just 1 category.

    3. I’d like to create a webpage off of wordpress on our college site that will show the most recent event and news from each department. Is there some sample code for this?

    Thanks in advance – I’ll keep searching but any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been searching for a day and most of my leads are deadends.

    Thanks again,

    Have you had a chance to look around in the Plugins/Restriction section of the Codex? Look for Limit_Categories.

    1. See above.
    2. WP automatically creates feeds for categories. Just read about the list_cats and wp_list_cats template tags: Template_Tags#Category_tags
    3. You will have to use a feedreader and put the feeds into it. (search for “feedreader” around here)

    Thanks moshu. Limit_Categories doesn’t work for me, it won’t let the author post at all. I’m trying to contact the author of that plugin.
    Is there another way / plugin to do this ?

    Moshu – thanks, I have downloaded the plugin for limitcat and looked it over. I have 8 departments so I will need to see if this plugin will allow this. Also, it says it is written for 1.5 but I’m using 2.0.2. I’m not the best at php but I’m not sure if this will work. Is it possible to add new roles to the user in wordpress. For example, ART Publisher and that will only allow them to publish to ART category and ART subcategories? In the limitcat code it looks like you have to limit it by levels and v2.0.2 of wordpress uses roles. I also don’t remember how many levels there are (8) I think – but I have 8 departments. Can you offer any suggestions and do you think the limitcat.php plugin is the way to go or should I email the plugin creator?

    Thanks again for the quick response.


    I am using it on WP 2.0.2 together with the Role Manager and it works perfectly.
    With the Role Manager you can create unlimited new roles + set the capabilities for each role.

    Moshu – Thanks for all the quick responses.

    I’ve downloaded Role Manager and I’m looking at it now.
    Here is my plan. Create a Role for each department. For example, ART – I’ll allow them to Edit Posts, Publish Posts, Read and Upload Files (images). Hoping that is correct for that user to post and edit their posts etc. This gives the user a level of 0. Now if all the department users have different Role names but the same level of 0 how can I alter the code in Limitcat to allow ART to access only the ART category and subcategories? Can I base it on Role name and not level? Or should I add a new capability when creating roles.

    Thanks again – I feel like I’m actually getting something done today with your help of course.

    LimitCat also has an admin panel under Options. There you can set the categories a Role is permitted to post.

    I’ve looked under Options and don’t see a admin panel for LimitCat. I’m using v. 1.1 of limitcat. Do I click under Options and then I see General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Permalinks, Miscellaneous. Am I looking in the wrong place. This would be the answer I’ve been looking for. Do I need to logout? Or deactivate then activate the limitcat plugin?


    Also – I have not edited the limitcat plugin – do I need to add the categories in the code or should it find them?


    Mine is version 1.5.2!
    Maybe that’s the problem. Try to download from here:

    Here is the link on that page?
    Download 1.1 Here <–Latest ??
    Any Ideas?

    Sorry, I knew I got it somewhere on that site…
    here you go:

    Awsome! I can’t thank you enough! Part 1 solved.

    Now, for part 2 of my quest. Adding the little RSS icons on the categories so readers can subscribe to just the category(ies) of their choice.

    Is this easy to do? list_cats and wp_list_cats template tags. I’ll try the link you sent earlier.

    Thanks again,

    It looks like the RSS feature of all the categories is already built in with all these templates – if I’m reading all this correctly?

    When I click on a category from the category menu on the right, Art Events, it goes to Archive for the ‘ART Events’ Category and lists the events – but is it possible to have a RSS icon at the beginning of the title or under the post next to Posted In or should it be at the top? When they click on the RSS link it will subscribe them to ART Events and nothing else. I just don’t know if there is a place to switch on this type of option. Do I find an RSS image and add it to the image directory and then edit a template and add some code? I feel like I’m making this more complicated than it is.


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