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  • bazzmann


    I googled, searched and read the docs but I can’t find an answer (and maybe it’s really simple 🙂 ).

    I see that subscribers can manage their informations, but they can’t unsubscribe from the system. So at now user deletion need to be manually from an admin account.

    Any solution?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • MichaelH


    can’t unsubscribe from the system

    Are you using some kind of subscription plugin? Is so which one?



    No subscription plugin installed. The only one that interact (but just import from WP users) is the Newsletter plugin:

    Over that I have:

    • Askimet
    • Breadcrumb NavXT
    • JQuery Lightbox
    • Events manager
    • No Excerpt-P
    • Page restrict
    • ShareThis
    • TinyMCE Advanced




    A standard WordPress install has no subscription or unsubscription process–assuming subscription means subscribing to some email thing.

    You may need to ask the author of your newsletter plugin about the subscribe/unsubscribe process.



    I don’t want to manage the subscribe/unsubscribe process under the newsletter, I wish to let people manage their subscription to WP, including a self unsubscribe.

    That’s because of I’m using the WP user system to manage the access on a private page where I run a custom php script.

    Is there some plug-in that do this?

    In any case, the unsubscription is a useful tool when a user registration is used, that means less work to the admins.

    Thanks again.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    bazzmann, you’ll want to ask Tribulant if their product, which you already paid for, can do that.



    Ipstenu, why I have to ask to a newsletter plugin to manage the standard user managing of wordpress?

    If WP include a way to self register to comment, post articles, make pages, depending on the role, it must include a way to unregister as simple as I can do the registration process.

    Try to think to a project with 200+ registered users, it’s hard to manage their wish to go out from the project. Don’t you?

    I love WP, but this a must-have to professional user managing. 🙂

    I can also write down some PHP code to do from the custom page, but it’s not so usable to send users to one page to manage their personal info, and send them to another page to unregister from the site.

    And WP is loved for its great usability and simplicity, above all.



    Tried to find a plugin that would let a user delete their own account and don’t see that. Guess you could use something like the Role Manager plugin to allow users to delete themself, but I’d say that’s asking for trouble.

    In general, I’d be against WordPress adding the ability for non-admin users to do something of this nature.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    Ipstenu, why I have to ask to a newsletter plugin to manage the standard user managing of wordpress?

    I thought you were talking about unsubscribing from the newsletter. Which would make sense.

    I’ve never been approving of deleting accounts, unless it’s an admin choice to ban a jerk. You can remove your contact info, log off and walk away, and really that should be enough. Now, there should be a way for an admin to DISABLE an account, but that’s another story. If someone leaves a site, they often come back. Unless there’s something emailing them to tell them to come back, they’ll never know the account is still there.

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    MichaelH, here is a good reason for a user to be able to delete/unsubscribe to WordPress: Some unknown person has used my e-mail address to subscribe to WordPress and subsequently many other posts. In one day I’ve received 50 junk e-mails from other subscribers thanking me for signing up for their service or something, which I never did because someone used my e-mail address for WordPress. I only know that all these junk e-mails originated from WordPress forums because one of the first junk e-mails received was from WordPress verifying my username and password. So I logged on here to unsubscribe, but can’t. How *&(%ing stupid!!! This unknown user used my e-mail to create 4 different bogus usernames on WordPress and I can’t delete any of them! WordPress’ policy on not allowing a user to delete/unsubscribe his own account is ludicrous! All this is going to do is bog down WordPress’ servers by turning into a junkmail user’s marketplace. For now I have just managed my junkmail filter to process these bogus accounts. WordPress needs to change their policy immediately and allow users to delete/unsubscribe their own accounts!

    I’m a bit perturbed that seems like such a murky subject. I’m working with a client who need registered users to be able to delete their WP Subscriber account if necessary. I’ve not researched it yet but I’m sure here in the UK at least websites are obliged to allow users to delete personal information (e.g. email address) being held if they so wish. Everyone knows how annoying the Facebook thing is – and I know it’s not in the same league, but for WP this seems odd.

    I guess I’ll direct users to the contact form to request the deletion. I know this will generally be fine, it won’t be an avalanche of users wanting deletion – but still, is it such a stretch for there to be a delete_own_account capability?

    Nothing is more ridiculous than the fact that WordPress has not constructed a simple self-unsubscribe function. It is sometimes embarrassing for someone who no longer wants to subscribe to have to ask the blog administrator to remove his name. Why should this be debated? Why doesn’t WordPress do something about it, NOW?

    Now you can let your users self delete their account:


    A commercial plugin (“user self delete”), isn’t a solution.

    This is a basic cms requirement, and it really should be standard in WP. In Europe, it’s a legal requirement under data protection laws.

    This needs to be implemented – I’m surprised its not already.

    I imagine the closest solution for now would be to allow the “remove users” ability via updating the database file for subscriber and then build a php function in their admin section that restricts the users that show up to only themselves.

    Not ideal.

    By the way, whats the difference between “Remove Users” and “Delete Users” in the Roles and Capabilities of WP? Just curious. They sound awful similar.

    Hi guys,

    is really no possible to let an user delete its account??? Tha’s really strange! I have digged into the WP Doc but the only function I have found is wp_delete_user($id, $reassign); but it doesn’t look like the solution as I’ve tried to put it into a link but is giving me an error…

    No one has found a solution to this problem yet?

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