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  • I need to leave Yahoo Web Hosting – I’ve finally had enough with their poor customer support and slow loading pages. I already know that it was bad judgment to sign up with them, but at the time, WordPress was recommending them.

    Now I feel like I’m trapped with an old version of WordPress (2.0.2) that they won’t automatically upgrade and am pretty much clueless as to how to go to a new web host with an old version of WordPress. I’ve read other instructions on how to move to a new host, but I think that this will be more complicated because it’s Yahoo hosting.

    I’m currently using two databases (2 WordPress blogs) on my website and one of them has members.

    I would be grateful if someone can give very detailed instructions on how to move my website from Yahoo Web Hosting to a new host while keeping all members and blog entries intact. I haven’t done this before, and am very concerned about the possibility of upgrading before a transfer – and I don’t want to make a mistake.


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  • back up your database and uploas it on the new server

    As xhhn said. You need to login to the Yahoo control panel and look for something about databases. If you see phpMyAdmin, that will work.

    Poke through the WordPress documentation and find what choices you need to make when oyu to do your backup. There will be options such as (Add) Drop Table, Full Inserts, etc.

    Follow these instructions and will should have a complete backup, although I would also grab a copy of all the template files, as I am not positive they get included.

    Once you download the backup, uncompress it and check in a good text editor. Search it for something like a user name where that user has added an image and see if you can locate an embedded binary, which will be a bunch of gibberish in yout text editor.

    Moving WordPress addresses this.

    Key issues:
    1. Make backups of your MySQL databases. If you can’t figure the phpMyAdmin export (backup) process then install filosofo’s backup plugin

    2. I would install 2.0.2 (archive download link) and get that up and running on your new host with your database. Then upgrade to 2.3.

    Thanks for your help. Michael – I’ve looked over the archive and don’t see a 2.0.2 download, there’s 2.0.1 and 2.0.4 but nothing in between…unless I’ve overlooked something.

    Please provide a contact address or an email address and I’ll get that 2.0.2 zip file to you.

    Michael – the address is [moderated]

    (can you remove the address please?)


    Link to download sent.

    Thanks for your help – very much appreciated!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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