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  • I’m new to WordPress and I do not understand code or the technical terms yet. I’ve installed the Hatch theme to create a photography website. Just a few questions:

    I’ve created a menu and when I click on it when I am on the site, the photos are displayed in a diagonal line. I’d like to have them displayed in a grid format and I’d like to add more photos there too.

    Once I’ve done that, how would I create a link on each photo so that when clicked on the photo is shown full side and, if possible on a different tab on a web browser?

    How can I add a note at the bottom of my site saying ‘copyright’ etc? So that it is just above the text that says ‘Blog at’ etc?

    Comments: How can I disable them on every page and post? I’ve disabled them on the pages I’ve created but the comment box still appears on posts…

    Thank you!

    Also, how do I create/add a logo on the top left corner of my site which will be visible on every page/post I create?

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  • milestotch2013


    just read :P, chek in your Lightbox Gallery, or download the plugin gallery… and see this In case that you would like to set the default number of columns: …. and change in four columns



    displayed in a grid format
    If you use posts to display your images ie 1st post title green then add media you will see this above the icons in there click featured image click the image you want as representing the gallery. then click create gallery you can tick what images you want in that galley. click create gallery. voila that is the 1st square in the grid. By writing multiple posts and creating galleries with featured images you will have a grid pattern develop.
    Once images are in the gallery click it you will notice in the Kitchen sink or icons over the content square where you write, you will see a link highlight click it a new box will open copy and paste the image url and put it into that box you will see a check box open in new tab check it.
    Making your images (c) go to creative commons there you can select the option not to be used in any format without permission or other conditions applied.
    you will click no
    Sharing is caring on some level.
    You will be given code. Input this into your page at the top of the box you write in you will see on the right (visual) (text) click text a different style of page a code page opens go to the end and put the code in paste the code in there. An icon representing creative commons will be on your page. You could also use a text widget for this.
    Disabling comments go to posts all posts and quick edit. Same with Pages. There you will see on right hand side a show comments and a check box ticked. uncheck and click update. There is a bulk actions box at top of display where all will update once you apply bulk actions. Doing it separately will do the job.
    display logo. Go to header under appearance make a header in photoshop if the theme allows you to upload a log then just follow instructions if not make a logo in photoshop and upload as your header it will appear on all pages

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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