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    Currently I manually code the layout of my links page into two columns, with headings for each category.

    Is there any way to get the built-in Blogroll laid out like this so I don’t have to manually code my links in HTML like I am?

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  • G. found this:
    when searching for “two-column lists”

    Cool, thanks moshu, not that I understand how to use it. How would I use it to list my Blogroll?

    Does it really have to be such a complex thing… laying out ones Links in columns?

    You could just use CSS and layout the links in lists that float, displayed as blocks and are 1/3 as wide as your column for 3 columns, 1/4 for 4 and so on….

    Not sure exactly what you want to achieve though!. Can you show an example?

    Hi, thanks rob0210. An example is my own links page, as linked in my first post.

    Except that my current links page is HTML (which I laid out in Dreamweaver) rather than the links being from the WP database.

    No more pointers, anyone…?

    Is anyone able to give me some pointers on using CSS to achieve this?

    Thanks boober. First time I’ve come across that plugin. It works as described but unfortunately this displays all links in alphabetical order whereas I want to display them in link categories.

    Assuming it’s possible to lay my links out in columns listed within categories, can someone point me to resource/webpage where I could figure out how to do this myself?

    automatic columns are extremely problematic in HTML. There are additions to CSS which make this possible, but they’re not supported by most browsers yet.

    the basic issue is that the page would need to render first, then bounce the colums into place – because you have no way of predicting how many entries will be thrown out by your list functions until the data is actually in the page already.

    Of course this will be solved in future, but what do you do now?

    well, you can break up your functions to display link categories not as one group, but as several, if you are happy to go back and re-order those manually once the balance shifts as you add more links…

    ultimately though, to address your question of whether this should really be this hard…. the answer is yes, unfortunately.

    Wow, thanks guys, that is complicated. I couldn’t even begin to figure out how to use Paul Novitski’s Method 6 with WP categories. I guess I’ll go with one column for now.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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