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  • When you have a WordPress site, you probably uses plug-ins too. The new GDPR laws requires that you use only the cookies that are really necessary and that you do NOT profile user unless you have his/her explicit consent. If the user does not accept profiling cookies but only technical cookies, he/she can still use your site. So it is interest of any site owner that the site can be used even if the profiling coolies are disabled. The problem is that any plugin might set profiling cookies and this is not necessarily done in the code in plugins folder, but anywhere in the web. By using a Google Chrome extension you can see all cookies set by your WordPress site but there is no way to know WHO set them and from where. This is a problem because even if the cookie is set somewhere by a plugin, it is the site owner to be responsible for the violation. Is there a way to know WHICH PLUGIN exactly set a cookie and where?

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  • The only reliable way to identify the source of a cookie is to audit the code of your theme and all the plugins on your site.

    If you can’t read code then the next best option is to go through all your plugins and contact their developers or refer to their documentation to find out if it sets cookies and what for. If you don’t trust them to tell you then don’t use the plugin. WordPress itself documents which cookies it creates here.

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