How to Know whether My Site Has Pop Ups? (5 posts)

  1. mochaquest
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I got complaints from readers saying my site has pop-ups. Is there any plugins or tools that can let me know whether there are pop ups in my site or help me remove them.


  2. Hard to say, the source HTML for your page is making my eyes water...

    If you disable "WP-Compress-HTML" plugin then I could look at the source that your blog generated. Right now one loooong line of HTML is a pain to look at on one cup of coffee...

  3. mochaquest
    Posted 7 years ago #

    LOL...thanks. I have deactivate it. Hope you can help me.

  4. Sips more coffee...

    I don't see anything that causes pop-ups. I've looked at the source in both Firefox 3.0.5 and IE 7. The only javascript I see is good, and there are no display:hidden where spammy links might be cause an issue.

    Unless something changed on your blog, I think your reader may just be in pop-up Heck (tis the season) from visiting some other site.

    Happy holidays.

    Edit: although the Share My Posts is huge. I find the ShareThis plugin to be a little easier on the eyes.

  5. mochaquest
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Yes, actually I tried putting the Share This plugin but its size is huge, therefore making my site load slower.

    p/s: Thanks for the wishes and thanks for checking out for pop-ups. Hopefully, my readers know this.


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