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  • what i mean by this is i need to find the actual page that i need to modify the wanted php code in, i have tried google chrome source page element but it only shows the page simple source and css styling but dosent show anything about page info, i think this because of the loop code..

    what i need to do from this is locating the category page that wordpress is using and convert it to grid style page instead of list style…

    this question will really help me very much in this project and many other things, so any answer would be highly appreciated..

    another thing: is there a plugin to convert the page into a grid styled posts page available right now or its just a good idea to start one?

    my site now is

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  • catacaustic


    very awesome

    Depending on your theme the file that you’re looking for could be oen of many different files that are possible. If you want to learn more about how the templating system works, have a look at this picture. it shows the way that the template hierarchy is set up and how the system works it’s way through the templates that might be available.

    hmmmmm, ok i just got a look on this picture, but what i understood from it is:

    1. all pages end up in the loop to be dumping into index.php
    2. the loop takes place in several .php pages for categories and the head page is archive.

    this what was important for me but i still didnt get my answer quite yet, like how wordpress knows this is the category page / archive page to use it?

    in my theme there is maaaany bugs in the php / css and framework they use, and i will need to fix these bugs two, but the main thing is knowing the above (how the heck wordpress know the pages to get??)

    what i think is there a page ordering or fetching that certin page to use (like in header and footer calls) but i still dont know which one.

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