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  • Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    The Schema plugin won’t display any front-end output, so nothing is visual to users.

    You can do a test for your posts and pages in Google Structured Data Testing Tool,

    For site, you need to fill the fields in the plugin settings, under the Knowledge Graph and Search Results tabs. So, when you do the test for the home page, you should see that Google can find the markup.

    For content, you should see markups as the following:

    – Article : for post type “page”, this is your site pages.
    – BlogPosting: for post type “post”, this is your normal blog posts.

    I hope this is help!

    P.S. There is a plugin screenshot to show you the Structured Data test. Also, I just created a dedicated website for Schema plugin yesterday so I can extend plugin documentation, so it will be updated as soon as I can with everything about the plugin, how to use it, override its output, and more.


    Just another question…

    Can this plugin help me to remove errors in Google Webmaster Tools?

    Thank you so much.

    Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    I wouldn’t say Schema plugin fixes errors in Google Webmaster Tools, simply because this isn’t the reason of developing this plugin.

    The plugin adds more details about your content for search engines. It tend to output a valid markup and insert it in json-ld format, non visible to visitors, this code allow search engines like Google to understand your site content better. Not necessarily it will fix an error.

    Thank you so much for the clarification.

    Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    No problem.

    Feel free to rate the plugin if you find it useful 😉

    Hi, Hesham,

    My questions is same how did i know, the plugin is work correctly with google or bing search engine coz after fill the data as per plugin requirement have not seen new changes in search engine.

    Please note i have using the plugin more then on month on my site

    Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    Firstly, this is something that you have to keep an eye on, and do some effort for testing, I don’t think this will just work overnight though, this is a long-term process, so mostly you won’t see changes till Google re-index all of your links and decide what to do with it based on its algorithm.

    Adding Schema markups is what Google recommend, this plugin isn’t going to rank your site higher, there is Technical and Quality guidelines to follow, you can read more about it here.

    There is a useful guid here that will show you an example of how to deal with Google Knowledge Graph. The Schema plugin will make it easier for you to provide what Google asks for. The other parts has to be done from your side.

    I can’t be much help, this forum is for fixing issues, and get feedback about the plugin!

    P.S. I see that you are using Yoast SEO plugin, which means Schema won’t output anything on the front page of your site if Yoast SEO plugin is active.

    Hi Hesham Zebida, Thank you so much for the such clarification. i want to know can is there required any SEO plugin in my site after using Schema or you can suggest any supported SEO plugin. i hope you can understand my question.

    Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    Generally, I would recommend using two types of plugins that can complete your site optimization for search engines:

    1- SEO plugin, example Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, or The SEO Framework.

    2- implementation plugin, like Schema plugin.

    Thanks Hesham Zebida for your suggestion, will try to de – activate all SEO plugin in my site and waiting for positive result from Schema plugin …is there any positive result received from Google will confirmed you.


    Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    Great, thanks!

    Hi, What should we do if the plugin doesn’t generate any of those fields that show in your plugin screenshot?

    Mine only shows one field from your plugin? I filled out every field on every tab (most of which seem to duplicate what is already set in Yoast)?





    Stavros Mitchelides Miami Beach Realtor

    Actually, I just tested a POST and I see the markup, but I don’t see any on pages, and my Google Search Console seems to be complaining about the missing markup on Pages, not Posts…

    Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    The Schema plugin won’t output anything on the home/front page if Yoast SEO plugin is active. So, there shouldn’t be any duplication.

    Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin for the first time, it will generate two entries of schema, one for Posts and another for Pages. (You can find these entries under the Types admin menu, within the plugin settings.

    You can always edit and modify how the Schema works on these entries, or create a new one if you need to.

    For example, when I test out your Privacy Policy page, I can see the markup, actually there are two types of markups, one for Article and Review. The one that says Article is generated by Schema plugin.

    P.S. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have both markup, so you need to stick with only one of them, mostly the Article because reviews do not apply here!

    I hope this is helpful.

    OK, so it’s working as expected? I was only testing my index page so I didn’t know!

    Thank you.

    Also, the review markup comes from the review widget at the bottom of every page…and because it’s on every page, I don’t think the markup for that can be removed.

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