How To know if Image Size is: Thumbnail, Medium Large in Gallery Settings (2 posts)

  1. vanduzled
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    I'm using Masonry with my wordpress theme and I want to be able to know if what kind of size a user clicks on the radio button in the gallery settings so that I can input that in the class. What I'm currently doing is putting the 'medium' and 'large' in the title and I would get that using 'post_title' and that works just fine but it would be easier if I can just click the radio buttons.

    For example, I tick the Medium radio button in the gallery settings for one image and the other image I would click the Large radio button. I would then input it on my gallery shortcode so that my masonry layout have two different image sizes, one is large and one is medium.

    in my functions.php, I would echo it like so:

    echo '<div class="item ';
               //Where [thumbnail_size] is the title of the thumbnail size.
               echo $attachment->[thumbnail_size];
           echo ' ">';

    I know this:
    image title = post_title
    image description = post_excerpt

    but what about the thumbnail size.

  2. vanduzled
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I just want to bring this up. Any of you guys know this?

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