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  • First, my WP installation is to /blog/ but I have it configured so when you hit the root of my domain,, WP takes over. If you try to hit some path like or a page I don’t have you get the 404 page as designed.

    The problem: I’m going to try using Magento for my e-commerce at my site. I installed Magento to /shop/ but rather than displaying what’s at that location, WP throws a 404 because I have no page named “shop” in WP.

    I don’t know how to get around this actually. I use a different ecommerce system right now that does not have this same problem (scratching head) but I see it redirects literally to a PHP page and not just a directory. It seems when you’re hitting a directory or the file index.php, WordPress naturally takes control and says, sorry I don’t have that.

    Any leads as to how to make this work would be appreciated.

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