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  • I want to move from Blogger to WordPress, but have a few questions:

    I used to have an FTP-hosted blog with Blogger; migrated it to a new blogger platform but haven’t yet installed the archive files (they say I need to install them to my ftp to redirect old pages to the new ones).

    Now that I have a custom domain (, but it’s a new FTP, not the one I had before) and have wordpress installed on it, what do I need to do?

    1. If I now migrate my blog from new blogger ( to wordpress (, will it have all the old pages and images as well? Or do I need to install the archive blogger files to my old ftp and then migrate everything to wordpress and new ftp? How?

    2. My blog ranks reasonably well when searched for my name; how do I ensure that all these rankings will remain and will be redirected to my new blog on wordpress?


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  • I can only answer no 2. What i know is you can’t keep the rankings, if you have a new website it’s treated different, both google rankings and alexa.

    Steps to follow :

    1. Import all the posts from blogger to wordpress.
    2. Create .htaccess file and add all the rules for posts, archives and categories in it. It will help for one to one redirection from old site to new site.
    3. Add javascript code in your blogger template.
    4. After this all take a backup of all the archives and HTML files that are on your FTP blogger blog.
    5. Delete all that files.
    6. Finally you can cross check all the posts from blogger that will redirect into WordPress blog.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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