How to keep same spacing on various resolutions? (2 posts)

  1. Spellsword
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I need some help with coding stuff. What's going on:

    I want to make background image dynamically stretch to fill 100% of the page while preserving same blank space between very top of browser window and main menu in modified TwentyTwelve theme.

    Here is the rough draft of the page: http://www.svarha.org/

    Somehow I managed to stretch image by background-size: contain. Because I want to keep my image same size on different monitor resolutions. It works, but now I need to stick the menu links to that white line/flare and keep them here unmovable on various resolutions. Is there any way of containing same spacing between them and very top of the window?

    Thanks for any tips ;)

  2. Spellsword
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Never mind, I don't care about it anymore. Design has slightly changed and nothing from my first post is longer needed.

    Admins can delete this topic now.

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