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  • I want to keep post dates and post edit dates from displaying and I’ve been told to find “the_date” or “the_time” and edit it out.

    I have not been able to find the file for this code. It’s not in the index file.

    Can anyone give me more ideas where to find or any other info to solve this?

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  • A link to your site please and maybe the name of the theme wouldn’t hurt either…because most might be familiar with it and know exactly what to tell you to remove.. thanks. =)


    His day or so ago thread on this.

    The site is:

    The theme is Semiologic 3-col. I’ve a message in to Denis, the developer, but he must be away.

    I just downloaded that with the 2col and 3col option…but I’m just guessing now..and I don’t want anyone jumping down my throat lmaO! But on a hunch.. here:


    The sem-theme-posts.php file….find this line here:
    'show_post_date' => true,

    Change it to:
    'show_post_date' => false,

    I’ll upload this once and try it myself… =)


    Wow, thanks so much spencerp. I just tried it on a test blog and it worked. I’m stoked. You are awesome for taking the time to dig into this. It’s been driving me batty.

    No problem erusch.. =) I just did it on mine as well hehe.. =) I bookmarked this post, just incase someone else needs to know the samething then. =)

    Doing that above stuff I said, will work on both the 2col and 3col theme of that then..


    Of course I’ll have to put it back then, the Kubrick theme I mean.. =)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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