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  • Isn’t it annoying when your admin menu scrolls out of view when you scroll down on the page? Then you have to scroll up again to get to the menu.

    This very simple hack will keep the admin menu visible at all times:

    Back up the file /wp-admin/wp-admin.css, so you can restore the original if you mess up.

    Now open /wp-admin/wp-admin.css

    Find the section called /* side admin menu */

    Insert a couple blank lines, and paste the following:

    #adminmenu {
    	position: fixed;


    Only applies to WordPress 2.7. I’ve had no problems with this yet, but of course you make changes to the WordPress core at your own risk. Enjoy!

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  • note, if your plugins add more options to your admin menu, such that the whole thing does not fit on your screen, then you won’t be able to use this hack.

    i love how this works with the admin-menu in collapsed mode. i think this hack is so awesome, it should be built into the WP core.

    Matt/WP, where’s the “vote to include this in the wp core” button??


    this no longer works with wp 2.7.1

    i’d be delighted if someone can create a work-around

    This works in FF3… but fubar in IE7
    I repeat, only works in Firefox. And I’m too lazy to look for the fix.

    /wp-admin/css/global.css (line 86)

    margin:15px 5px 15px -160px;

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