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  • Frenchkoukoku


    Dear all,

    Hello !

    I recently started my own WordPress, on French Advertising; in Japanese.

    Struggling with my debut (Nearly a Novice in coding); I managed to understand a lot of things, and wrote my About page, which was quite an accomplishment for me.

    But I also found that my Japanese text doesn’t get “recognized” by WP.

    It “displays” correctly, I can see it on the website, and also change the text color and style.

    But it doesn’t “show” in the words counting; and I cannot “Justify” it (left/center/right align work perfectly)

    After asking Google-Sensei, I tried to modify the css stylesheet using text-align:justify and text-justify: distribute; but it doesn’t seem to have any effect (Even after refreshing the cache)

    Here is the page :

    I am still in leaning of code; so I would really appreciate if any any code answer would be followed by a little explanation of the meaning
    (eager to learn ! )

    Thanks a lot !

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  • Rod Whiteley


    I am no expert, but as I understand it justification works by reformatting a long paragraph into lines, and adjusting the width of the spaces. In Japanese, the width of fullwidth punctuation characters is also adjusted.

    The text on your page does not seem to have long paragraphs that can be reformatted. Instead, there are individual lines separated by line breaks. Also, there are no spaces and little punctuation. I think this might be why the text cannot be justified.



    Thanks for your answer Rod !

    In fact, I tried to modify things by myself; and settled for line-breaking instead of an awful big block of text.

    But I also tried to justify the “long paragraph” as you say; but no changes happened. (Stays left-aligned; it did justify the occidental fonts inserted between J-words)

    Also, Japanese is written with no spaces between words.

    One more thing to take in account is : Only the words written with occidental normal fonts seem to be counted in the Word counts. So it’s like, my Japanese writings are not “recognized” by the theme.

    Thanks anyway ! Very appreciated !

    Rod Whiteley


    True, I don’t think I have ever noticed spaces in Japanese. Even so, the W3C suggests (in Example V at the bottom of the Alignment and Justification section) that spaces are to be used to justify Japanese text.

    Perhaps a solution would be to insert spaces anyway, as space will certainly have to be inserted somehow to justify the lines. Anyone who copies the text and pastes it might be surprised to find spaces, however.

    Another approach might be to find a website where Japanese text is justified, and try to work out how it was done. If you can find such a website, I would be interested to have a look.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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