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    How to integrate OPENapps with WordPress

    1. Select an app from the OPENapps Appstore
    2. Configure your application for your WordPress Instance
    3. Select your method for integration - OPENapps uses two methods to inject the app into your Drupal Instance

    Quick Setup OPENapps setup - WordPress
    Method 1: Autodetect
    Enter your website URL in the Look & Feel form on the App Options screen. Try using an internal page or individual blog post.
    Select "Autodetect" as your placement method.

    Method 2: Insert Code Snippet
    Due to variances among WordPress themes, the "Autodetect" may not work. If this occurs, you can try the following:

    1. Log in to your dashboard and click the "Appearance" tab.
    2. Then click the "Editor" tab. WordPress will default to editing the current theme.
    3. On the right side, you will see a list of files included with your theme. The one we recommend editing is the one that controls single posts in your blog (usually archives.php), or the one which controls pages on your site (usually page.php). Click one of these files and look in the resulting code in the main panel.
    4. With most themes there will be a <div> tag below a piece of code which inserts the header of your site (usually <?php get_header(); ?> ). Add class='openapps-goes-here' to this <div> tag.
    5. If you edited "archives.php", enter an individual blog post address as the location in the Look & Feel form. If you edited "page.php", enter an individual page on your site as the location in the Look & Feel form.

    For more information on OPENapps or integrating web applications to your site please visit OPENapps.com


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