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  • Hello everybody,

    I am wondering if there’s a tutorial or an official version of WordPress on Google App Engine. I’ve been reading this page of the Google AppEngine (GAE) site and thought it would be possible to run WordPress for about $12/year instead of $80s/yr. I guess that a lot of people running low traffic sites would be interested about this.

    After that I read this page: a guy who say it’s possible to run WP on GAE via Quercus. As I’m not a technical person, I need something easy to do/learn. Do anyone know of a matured (or close) project/installer of WP on GAE?

    Thank you for your time,


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  • Just so you know, there are other choices. I have seen a few free hosting plans that are limited, but might do the job. For example, this one, which even includes one click WordPress install:

    And there are certainly lower cost options than $80/year. (see the Hosting page) DreamHost has a one day sale on today: “Sign up today for a risk-free trial of a one-year hosting plan using the promotional code ‘777’ and you’ll get an entire year of web hosting (including a domain registration) for just $9.24! That’s 92% off our normal pricing!” DreamHost also offers services free for certain types of non-profit organizations, though I think you have to be legally registered as such in the U.S.

    Even my own favourite hosting company has a PERSONALCLASS that is only $96/2 years with a 20% discount by typing in the code CNET, plus an additional 10% credit each month you put a link to them on your home page. Plus, they give you a free domain name registration. Do the arithmetic, assuming you are paying $10/year for domain name registration and it works out $28.40 for the first two years, and $24.56 for each year thereafter. Link is if you want to give me a commission. if you don’t.

    Ask your host if they meets these requirements:

    A quick look here says that Google App Engine only runs Python and JavaScript. Since WordPress is written in php, I can’t see how WordPress could possibly work on Google App Engine.

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    Hello Adiant, thanks for your answers.

    Apparently, someone has succeeded using WP on Google AppEngine because he installed Quercus first and that allows him to simulate PHP. I’m not sure of all the details but it looks like possible.

    Link here:

    Looks like you will have lots of fun updating, everytime WordPress releases an upgrade.

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    Yeah… I know and I’m not able to do that. That’s why I was wondering if someone knew an ongoing project about porting WP to Google AppEngine. But it means there’s none… yet? Too bad.


    Just for posterity, there is also this link:

    (“All you need to do is….”)

    If you read the responses, you’ll see that MySQL is the next major problem, now that Quercus emulates php fairly well. The closest anyone seems to have come is here which required converting WordPress to run on GAE’s subset of JPA instead of MySQL: “I can edit, create, and moderate comments and posts (though I can’t guarantee any capability beyond that :).”

    Been a few months since there was any word on this, anyone got any updates ?

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