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  • I already have WP for my blog that I started from scratch with a new domain name hosted by Bluehost, as recommended by WP.

    I am trying to help a friend who already has a website hosted by someone. I have access to cPanel but don’t want to mess with it in fear that I’ll bring the site down.

    I am trying to install WP and start blogging for her. Since I started with BlueHost and WP installed to a new site, I have no idea where to begin with installing WP without messing up her current site. The domain name will be a subdomain and it will redirect to the main domain once the blog goes live.

    Do I ask the host to create the subdomain first then, install using fantastico on the cPanel? What do I do first?

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  • If you want to eventually have WordPress as what you get when you type on your friend’s site, I would recommend initially installing WordPress in a folder and forget all the subdomain “stuff”. As you will see if you read through this documentation, WordPress can be installed in a folder and, once it is working properly, then made to look like it resides in the “root” (just the domain name):

    I would also recommend that now would be the best time to learn how to install WordPress yourself, as opposed to using Fantastico, as this knowledge will help with Upgrades, Plug-ins, Themes and other stuff in the future, i.e. – you’ll eventually need to know this stuff anyway.

    Use this documentation to get you started installing into a folder in your friend’s web site

    Note the cPanel-specific instructions in some steps. You can also use cPanel’s File Manager instead of FTP.

    Thank You!!!

    On a related note,

    Why does WP need the host info some plugins??? When I go to install some plug ins (maybe all the plug ins???), it asks for the Hostname and the log in info.

    I have NEVER had to provide host login info when installing plugins. On any of the three web hosting services I’ve used for WordPress.

    According to this post, you have a “host issue”:

    You may want to do a little more searching among Support forum threads, to get a better idea, but once you feel comfortable, I’d be talking to your web host support folks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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