How to install wp and niche video site software on the same website (2 posts)

  1. swansonplace
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am new to wordpress, and I had a software package installed niche video software. When I installed wordpress, it installed on the root page, and I lost my links to niche video software that was working. THe plugins are incompatible.

    How can I designate the name of the page that wordpress loads on. This way I can control where it is on my site.

    Is there a video series available that covers the basics of wordpress installation.

  2. DaveCoast
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I think you really want 2 websites on 1 hosting account - right? Are they completely independent?

    If they are separate and independent, below are some options. First install your applications in separate subdirectories of your document root (public_html, WWW)

    1. Create a landing page like index.html in the document root with links to each site.
    2. Redirect your domain name to 1 of the sites and use a subdomain for the other
    3. Use subdomains for both
    4. Still an option but not practical - access your site directly with example.com/sitedirectory1 or example.com/sitedirectory2

    Hope that helps

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