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    I’ve translated the plugin to my own language (Hebrew) through website (The stable version) and exported the entire translation to .po/.mo files.

    My question is simply, how to name them and where to put them for the translation to work on my site?


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  • @vollachr just add the plugin translation file at the root of the plugin directory with this structure simple-author-box-<locale>.po where <locale> should be replaced by he_IL for Hebrew reference

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    Are you certain about that?

    I’ve place both simple-author-box-he_IL.po & at the following folder:


    it didn’t seem to do anything though.

    I also tried putting the same files here:


    Still no luck

    @vollachr maybe the strings inside of that file are not right…

    Try install the Loco Translate plugin and check if those po and mo works… When I use that Plugin I can translate the strings and it create that file, with that structure there.

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    I just tried that, Loco Translate shows the translation files for Simple Author Box Hebrew as 100%, all green bar.

    So it seems to be correct, I even re-saved them using Loco Translated and it still won’t work, the plugin stays in full English.

    is there any other language other than english that works? can I maybe send you the files for testing?

    @vollachr try to replace the simple-author-box-he_IL.po & by freemius-he_IL.po & and add it to wp-content/plugins/simple-author-box/freemius/languages folder

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    @manuelrocha88 well, didn’t work either, it was highly doubtful anyway since there are already freemius-he_IL files in there, don’t know what these freemius language files are used for but it isn’t to translate the actual plugin, it doesn’t have the same strings, it is completely different.

    Anyway, as I said, didn’t work as well.

    @vollachr got to Loco Translate plugin page and change the configuration to be like this:

    Important part is the Text Domain and File Prefix.

    Then You just need to put at the root plugin folder the files


    Rename the initial file name… If the strings to be translated are good then it should be translated. If not, User Loco to do it…

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    @manuelrocha88 OK, changed what you said to change, renamed the existing .po & .mo files to match as well.

    After a few tries I managed to get it working, but only when the files are placed in this folder:


    Didn’t work with the files in the plugin folder nor with the Loco Translate safe path, i.e. \wp-content\languages\loco\plugins

    Anyway, bottom line it’s finally working, can’t figure out why it won’t work from the loco trasnlate safe path though.

    @vollachr great you managed it.

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