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  • I have a working version of wordpress 1.5 on one website of my server and just installed a second website with WP2 and have a completely separate directory for the second site. I am trying to use a different database for both sites and have instructed the second site to use “mathis” instead of “wordpress” in wp-config. When I run wp-install it says I have already installed wordpress, but when I check the DB, mathis does not exist. Also, the second site seems to be trying to access the first site. What is not working?

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  • You need to create the database “mathis” first, with it’s own password and user.

    Then make sure the config for the new install has the correct db name, password, user, and user pw.

    I created the database mathis. I only have one username for the phpmyadmin that I know of. I created it with that account. I also only have one user for mysql. I tried the install again and it says things are already installed. any other ideas? This site runs on port 6000 and I’ve tested php there and it is in a completely different directory from the first site on port 80.

    I just tried to access the index.php on the second site and it brings up the settings for the second site with the blog from the first. Does WP recognize ports or just IPs?

    It it reading the images from the directory in the second site, but the DB from the first. I have mathis as the DB in wp-config for the second site.

    So you are installed in /first site, and /second site?

    And the first site config has db wordpress, user, pw
    and the second site config has db mathis, user pw ?

    I am installed in /firstsite and it works with dbuser1.
    /wwwroot is also wp1.5 and everything works fine.

    I am attempting to install (have copied the new install files) WP2 into /mathis-family with user mathis.

    /firstsite is on port 80 on a given IP and /mathis-family is on port 6000 on the same IP.

    It seems that WP is trying to identify itself by IP and then call files without giving attention to port. This is why it is able to jump from /mathis-family/wp-config to /firstsite/wp-config and login with dbuser1 instead of mathis. Is this possible? Is there a fix in wp-settings?

    why is /mathis-family on a different port — you already have it in a different directory as far as I can see.

    It is on a different port because it is the only way I could register a different domain name and use the same server. I only have one public IP on my home server.

    Then I put this into my header to redirect to the port so that IIS can keep the incoming request sent to the correct web site without having to link second site to the first with a hyperlink.
    NOTE:Spaces added to urls for the thread.

    <SCRIPT language=”JavaScript”>

    var browserLocation=window.location.hostname;
    if (browserLocation==”www . mathis-family . net”)
    window.location=”http://www . mathis-family . net:6000″;
    if (browserLocation==”mathis-family . net”)
    window.location=”http://www . mathis-family . net:6000″;
    // else
    // {
    // window.location=”http://www . someplace . com”;
    // }

    mathis-family is actually running on jacknkristen . net , except it is on port 6000. jacknkristen is on port 80.

    Is there another way to do this? They both will have different versions of WP.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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