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    You need to install the appropriate plugins on a self-hosted WordPress site.

    hi gregfenton. youre on a self-hosted site right? i am having the same problem. i dont see anywhere to activate publicize like there is on sites and then when i go to settings>sharing there are options for my social media sharing plugin but not the new Publicize that .org just released…..

    thanks for the reply’s. I am on a self hosted .org site. same here lilpixie i have a social media sharing plugin but not Publicize.
    Any suggestions how I can get the Publicize feature ?
    If i can find something i will post it back here…

    thatd be great. im looking around and just dont see it anywhere. feeling blind. 😛 if i figure it out will let you know. from reading the wordpress email that went around the other day (about publicize) it seemed like it would just automatically be an option when publishing new posts- if you have it activated, so says the page. where can i activate? it cant be that hard!



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    It’s not yet available as a package for self-hosted WordPress sites.

    oh ho ho ho. that explains it. i thought i’d received an email about publicize from its from .com. thanks for that, esmi. i will just look for a plugin then.



    This morning I got a little blurb in the “referrers” section of my Jetpack stats: “Want more referrers? You could turn on Publicize, or you could comment on other blogs!” Several minutes then wasted before discovering it’s a .com feature exclusively. It looks great and I agree it would be nice to have for self-hosted blogs!



    me too – either it shouldn’t invite self hosted users to use publicize, or it should be available. How many hundreds/thousands of users will waste time looking for it?

    i used it to “publicize” my post to twitter.. haha

    I’m one of those hundreds/thousands who wasted time looking for it now 🙁

    2 months since the last post in this thread and I was wondering if there was any news on the publicize feature? I’ve been using it with a .com blog for the last 2 years and it has been fantastic for generating traffic, for some reason I don’t see the same benefits when using the currently available plugins on .org like sharepress and twitter this. Fingers crossed it turns up in JetPack soon!!

    2 months since the last post in this thread, no progress.

    Figures. The one plugin amongst all the masses that makes the process so ridiculously-simple, and it’s proprietary platform-only. >:|

    Why does it have to be so freaking difficult to just selectively publish a post to a FB fan page??

    EDIT: Nevermind. Simple Facebook Connect does the trick without any fuss whatsoever for self-hosted WordPress sites. 🙂

    Anyone found a suitable replacement for Publicize? I’d prefer one plugin that’ll post to multiple accounts, rather than having to install a different plugin for each social media.

    I used to have my RSS feed connected to which blasted out articles to more than 35 social media sites, but stopped working well.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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