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  1. docksile
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    I just moved over from a wordpress.com account to wordpress.org and now can use the EIN Newsfeed Maker to get news feeds. Because of the JS restrictions on the .com side, I could only use the RSS feed (but when people clicked it, it took them to a "subscribe" page for the news article). And now that I'm using the .org software, I'm able to put the 'real' feed into my sites dailyhick.com and dumbass-safari.com. I like the results it yields, but sometimes you get the occasional weird story dropped in there.

    To install the newsfeed maker (javascript) widget, you need to do the following:
    1) go to the http://www.newsfeedmaker.com site to get an account (free)
    2) pick a topic. They have categories and keyword searches. I think the keyword is the best as a lot of categories seem to be business or hard news related, which ain't me. Plus, you can't name your news feed in the category search.
    3) choose one of the six code options (but i would avoid RSS). I just use Java, but i'm pretty much a novice at this.
    4) style it with visuals. and then return to My Feeds
    5) click the Get Code link
    6) C the code and P it into a text widget on your site

    This should install the newsfeed maker in your sidebar. If you want to change the colors or topic of the feed, you don't need to re-paste the code. Just make the changes on the newsfeed maker web site. I like it because sometimes I get ideas off of it, too.

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