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  • Hi I’m new to wordpress so I have a question regarding how to install my custom header. I have changed my theme from the defaulted one & when I view my page there is “Add your logo here….” listed on the top of my page. I would like to install my custom header in this spot.

    Detailed instructions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time & help!

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  • Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    wp-content/themes/sodelicious-black-10/images/header.png is the graphic you’re seeing. You can either replace header.png with your own image called header.png, or find in style.css or header.php where it references header.png and change it to the filename of your graphic.

    Ok, just a little bit more assistance. My header was created in CS3 & saved as .png , I have located the style.css where it references header.png,
    #header_logo {
    background: url(images/header.png) no-repeat;

    now you say change it to the filename of my graphic – which part do I change & do I have to have my file uploaded to my website host???

    I’m sorry, I’m just starting in this so it’s been very frustrating LOL I appreciate all your help.





    the file name is header.png. It lives in a directory named “images”.. hence you see this:


    yes, of course you have to upload it to your host (how else would anyone see it???), and it needs to be named that, and needs to be put into that directory, so that it replaces the one thats there.

    whooami, I have uploaded the file to my host – to the image directory, I renamed the file header.png

    I did notice there is a file called header-img.php
    Do I do anything to it or just leave it?

    Now, that I have the file uploaded to my host & in the correct directory, do I do anything to in style.css or header.php on wordpress? I’m still not seeing the image on my page is why I ask.

    I’m sorry to be so frustrating. I appreciate your time & help.




    Refresh your browser, I see this:

    at the top of your page.

    I refreshed & still the same “add your logo here”… suggestions?




    At the risk of being called a bitch, Ive told you i see the image. So its there. Youre not seeing it isnt a WP issue. It’s a how do I use my browser issue.

    Close your browser. Clear your cache.

    Can someone please teach ppl how to use google????

    wow! Excuse the piss out of me! And to just let you know, I didn’t just automatically jump to this forum & ask for help without researching GD Google myself!!

    Sorry I bothered your miserable ass & if you didn’t want to help you should have NEVER responded!

    Geesh, what is wrong with people these days?! I was nothing but nice & politely asking for help not to mention I expressed my appreciation for any help given!

    No wonder people complain about this forum!

    Karma is a bitch!




    i DID help, or you wouldnt have gotten this far.

    I helped with the WordPress issue.

    My miserable ass didnt expect to have to explain how to handle not seeing an image on a page that is in your browser cache. Had I know it would turn into yet another, basic fricken Internet thread, I might not have.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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