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  • I have a piano blog
    I found an animated image on two other piano websites, of a moving piano mechanism. The code in their page source is:
    <img src=”/images/grandpiano_action_animated.gif” width=”492″ height=”328″ alt=”Grand Piaon Action (animated)” />

    <b>Action on a Grand Piano (animated)</b>

    I can easily drag this image to my desktop and upload a static version of the .gif to my post, but how & where do I also install the script that makes it animated.

    So far, just copying/pasting that line of code into my post does not achieve this. Help please, thanks

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  • You don’t have to install any script. The animation “script” is built into the image.

    Ok esmi, I always welcome your help, and you post often, thanks.
    You were correct. The problem was, I was loading the .gif by clicking on the “Add An Image” icon in the pots kitchen sink editor, and getting a static image instead of an animated one. Whne I tried it again using the “Add Video” icon, I got the .gif AND the animation. Just something to note in case others ask about this in the future.
    Thanks again

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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