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  • OK so I’m newish to this installing themes to WP.
    The ones you find in WP are a breeze, thank-you to who ever is responsible for that you are a saint, but I need one I found in theme forest because it is very suited for the task.

    But after two days I have still not figured it out and neither has the Support? at Bluehost.

    I have done what I was instructed to do with FileZilla and it looks to have worked but I can find no instruction on where to go from there.

    Any help is going to be received with much appreciation.

    Frazzled Brad

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  • If this is first time you install theme then read this,

    YOu are one click away from having a working theme

    Thank-you muchly….

    I am well on the way to solving….with much to learn.


    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    If you purchased your Theme from ThemeForest, you should consult ThemeForest support for help with installation issues.

    Hi Chip.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Yes I did finally get a response from Theme Forest…

    Actually once I used the “Keyword” which was REFUND, they go back to quick enough.
    However they have a policy that they do not refund unless it is broken and they were unable to remedy the issue.

    In other words it may not be an all out Caveat emptor, (buyer beware), just a ggod case for buyer BE–AWARE.

    Which is what I should have done instead of going off a recommendation.

    At this point in my WP site building education it seems to me that the only ones who should buy pre-made themes are people who really don’t need them..?!

    I suppose they are time savers?
    All i know for sure is that my goal is to be good enough to take any free theme and be able to make it do what-ever I tell it to do.

    Thanks again I hope you do well.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    If your goal is to learn your way around the WordPress templating system, I would suggest taking a look at any recently updated Theme in the WordPress Theme Repository.

    I wrote a Theme, hosted in the Repository, expressly for the purpose of helping others learn their way around the various functions, template tags, etc. that comprise a WordPress Theme. You may find it to be helpful:

    (As for caveat emptor on commercial Themes: indeed. You will find that the quality of support options varies greatly from one outlet to another.)

    I have installed the latest wordpress on my servers virtualhost.Now i am planning to buy a template from themeforest.How to host this new wordpress and theme?Can i do this with my own hosting provider?Can i alter themeforest theme anyway i want to?

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    ThemeForest is a commercial Theme distributor. You should consult them with these types of support and licensing questions.

    Thanks Chip….Thanks for the tip

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