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  • Hi Guys,

    I am trying to insert some empty lines between two paragraphs and i’m unable to do so.

    How might i go about doing something like this:

    Basically, the first two paragraphs are clearly in P tags, but i cannot figure out how i can insert that whitespace between paragraphs two and three.

    If this could be done with the WYSIWYG editor it would be AWESOME as it’s for a not-so-technical person 🙂


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  • You can’t add empty paragraphs with WordPress. Instead, you need to edit the css in your theme’s style.css to add more bottom padding to these paragraphs. Visit your site, look in your browser source code, and find the class of the div immediately surrounding each post (entry as a div class example here) and then add this to style.css:

    .entry p {padding:0 0 10px 0;}

    Adjust the 10 pixel amount to whatever amount you’d like.

    If it is just the rare extra paragraph space that you’d like add, try this code in your post (don’t add too many):


    Iridiax, thank you!

    Question: why is this white space stripped out?

    Question: why is this white space stripped out?

    WordPress removes it because it is not correct semantic markup to have empty paragraphs (paragraphs indicate content inside). Unlike with word processors, web spacing and display should be controlled by css.

    Wrong – every single instance of extra white space that you can use in WordPress, including
     , gets stripped when you switch from HTML to Visual editor. This is something that they MUST FIX. It drives me nuts and makes using WordPress to host serious writing in long posts a laborious, tedious, madness making process because every time you want to edit something you have to go through the whole thing again. I saw a thread that claimed it was fixed: it ain’t.

    Oops – code indicated was

    <br />&nbsp;

    It’s not fixed. I can’t believe 2.9 appeared without a fix for this. I’m using Safari on Mac – every other browser is far too slow and anyway it doesn’t work for me in Firefox either and IE doesn’t exist on Mac – and all my html line breaks are stripped out. Bloggers really need to be able to insert the occasional line breaks in the visual editor – I hardly need to point out that white space is key in visual media. Modifying the CSS is no solution, because I don’t want to pad every single paragraph – I just want to be able to insert 5 line breaks on occasion, if I feel I need a big chunk of white space for visual effect (as I very often wish to do ). I’m so disappointed.

    I have had to produce a thin white bar in Photoshop and upload it to Flickr and then embed as many versions of it as it takes. This is just a crazy workaround:
    PLEASE WordPress! Line breaks in the visual editor! Thank you!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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