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  • Hi All, I have a very simple qestion – in the title of this post. After several days of reading lenghty pages, trying several plugins – I lost my patiencene: I still cannot include any image in my posts. My imageinsert/edit button does not work. I get a runtime error message from ie explorer saying, that “width value is null or not object”

    I am not an expert programmer. I would jsut like to fine a simple solution to include some illustration with a post.

    Does this have to be so difficult? thanks!

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  • I use Wp 2.0 and the default theme.

    You can do it manually, like so

    1) Admin >> Write >> Post you want an image to display
    2) insert: <img src="your / absolute path to image on your server" alt="Description of image" border="0" height="100px" width="100px" /> where you want the image to appear within your Post content.

    You may have to generate a class (.classname) for the image if you want styling to show, or margin padding, float:left or float:right, etc…

    Thank you for replying so fast KatGirl. I already tried it manually as well but I get a nice red X in ie explorer, the image does not appear only the box with the x. I geuess therw is a problem somewhere, but cannot figure out where…

    ANYBODY any idea? Please – I am slowly going nuts over this…

    Did you use an absolute image path?

    http :// to images folder/nameofpiccy.jpg?

    I’ve noticed sometimes that if you don’t use absolute path inside the Post, sometimes it doesn’t work. It will produce a red X in the tiny box to suggest that an image lives there.

    Sometimes, though, it works with relative paths ie: /images/imagename.jpg

    Here’s a suggestion. Type the absolute path that leads to your image in a browser window (try IE). By rights it should come up and show you the picture. If it doesn’t then you definately have the wrong path to the image.

    Edit: Space deliberately left so the url doesn’t become a hyperlink (yes, it was wrapped in < code >and backticks used :0 )`

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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