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  • I’ve searched as best I can to see if this has already been addressed.

    After making sure I had all the comments, I have recently disabled the Disqus plugin. In checking to see that the comments did indeed migrate, I learned that none of the comments that I made are obeying the .commentlist .bypostauthor css rules in my Twenty Twelve child stylesheet.

    I’m guessing that the change might be done by making sure the IP address as well as the name and email address matches mine. But there appears to be no way to change the IP address, short of reposting the comments and editing the timestamp to reflect those that were in the Disqus threads.

    Could someone point to a place that outlines how to change my comments (retaining their reply-to positions in the comment threads) to show that they are from the postauthor?

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

    E Morris, b l o g f r o m O U R k i t c h e n | e t h e r w o r k D O T n e t S L A S H b l o g <=== purposely left unlinked in an attempt to keep idiots at bay

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  • @llizard – I would actually expect you will need to be setting the commenter’s “user ID” to match the post author’s user ID for the CSS class to be added.

    Specifically here is the code that is likely being used to generate the classes for the comments in your case: … have a look at the conditional starting on line 465.

    ~ Cais.

    Thank you for your reply, Edward.

    If Disqus hadn’t stripped the user ID from the comments I made, then this would make sense. Comments made before I installed the Disqus plugin are nicely following the .commentlist .bypostauthor css rules in my Twenty Twelve child stylesheet. But it’s the comments that were exported to Disqus and back that are disobeying the rules. I think the user IDs have been stripped.

    What I need to know is how to put them back – if it’s even possible.

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