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  • Hi

    I have a small question. First, I understand, that enywhere could be a ready solution for this question – If yes, please give only a link to this topic.

    I have installed GDPR, and everything works fine. The question is:

    How does plugin GDPR “understand” what cookie is from, for exapmle: Google Analytics, Facebook or Hotjar? On Google Chrome I have found using inspect element cookies that are exists. And I have stopped here.

    I think that have to put some text or code on “settings” of plugin. But i didn’t found answear what I have exactly to put? Which text/code have to paste to “settings”? (I’m using Google Analytics, Google Tab, Hotjar… and maybe someting more – maybe it will be helpfull information).

    I will be grateful for help,

    best regards, Simon

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