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  • Hi

    I have a small question. First, I understand, that enywhere could be a ready solution for this question – If yes, please give only a link to this topic.

    I have installed GDPR, and everything works fine. The question is:

    How does plugin GDPR “understand” what cookie is from, for exapmle: Google Analytics, Facebook or Hotjar? On Google Chrome I have found using inspect element cookies that are exists. And I have stopped here.

    I think that have to put some text or code on “settings” of plugin. But i didn’t found answear what I have exactly to put? Which text/code have to paste to “settings”? (I’m using Google Analytics, Google Tab, Hotjar… and maybe someting more – maybe it will be helpfull information).

    I will be grateful for help,

    best regards, Simon

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  • You don’t have to inform the plugin, just the users coming to the website.
    Within the plugin create an area

    “How we use cookies”

    Then create the following text…

    “Cookies used by the site”
    “To see a full list of active cookies, click the secure lock in the address bar, then click cookies. A list of websites can be opened to display cookie information.”

    This way all the info your users need is gathered by the data in the browser. You are also covered legally by explaining where to find pertinent information.

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