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  • I have a WordPress blog for almost 2 years now and traffic to my site is pathetically low! I have zero technical knowledge to check the back end of my blog but I tried googling my way out and fixed quite a lot of things. I installed some plug-ins (that seemed easier than tempering with to improve speed, took my site to cloud flare and submitted sitemaps to search engines, but nothing is working at all.
    I can really use some help here.
    My site is

    Thank you! 🙂

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  • hi

    your website seems good.

    i have some suggestion/improvement comments. ..your site seems bit simple to me .. as i might be good idea to use bright colours on front/main page you can use slider to changes images to showcase your work. on the front/main page.

    in my view social media is key to bring the users to your website.

    I hope this helps


    Hi Sarmistha_25 – as this thread seems to be turning into a blog/website critique, it’s possible this might not be the best place on the forums for it. Something more appropriate could be the “Your WordPress” forum located here – This is where many members ask for feedback and constructive criticism in order to improve their websites.

    I Googled “coffee fashion” and “coffee fashion tips” and your site was listed on the first page. Just “fashion tips” and it’s not there as there are many more general fashion sites not tied to coffee. Googling many of your post titles show them on the first page.

    Someone has to be interested in the content to search for it in the first place. I don’t drink coffee and I’m a guy that’s not into fashion really so I’d never look for it on purpose, LOL.

    Visit forums that are into that kind of thing and have links there. Share your posts to Twitter, Facebook and so on when you make them (if you are not).

    Blog seems fine performance wise. How it appears is kind of in the eye of the beholder. Your meta tags seem fine. How are you judging your traffic?

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    @techonix Hi and thank you for the feedback. I agree with you and in fact I have already changed my layout. Also considering buying a premium theme for better look and feel.

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    Hi @markrh, Thank you so much for taking the time out to check my blog. I know my blog has a niche subject but I have seen many fashion blogs getting millions of views. Even if I sit through the entire day promoting my blog posts on social media, I just manage to get not more than a 100 page views a day and that is quite pathetic!:(
    I am very active on Facebook, twitter and Instagram and regularly post on Google+ and Pinterest as well.
    I just wish I knew how to drive targeted traffic to my blog.

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    @rileybrook Hi and thank you for the suggestion. I visited the link but it says ‘The forum ‘Your WordPress’ is closed to new topics and replies’!! 🙂

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