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    I am trying to upload a media file, but I am stopped because the max upload size is 24mb. How do I increase this size? I have changed in Wampserver’s php.ini file but this did not solve my problem.

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  • stvwlf


    increase PHP’s file upload limit.
    In php.ini file, change the parameter to whatever size you need (example: )
    upload_max_filesize = 32M

    Thread Starter tjoge011


    Thanks… Where do I find php.ini file?
    I have one on my public-html folder on siteground. This I have changed but I still cannot upload more that max 24MB..

    Samuel B


    add this to top of wp-config.php
    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

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    What does the below highlighted message have to do with WP_MEMORY_LIMIT?

    This file is too big. Your php.ini upload_max_filesize is 24

    I need to know where the php.ini file supposed to be saved. I have changed the upload_max_filesize, but still does not work.

    Samuel B


    what I gave you works for memory and file size
    don’t use it
    what do I care?

    talk to your host if you can’t locate the correct php.ini and they can bump it for you



    additionally, you really ought to change the max post size .. but hey.. I dont care either šŸ˜›

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    Isn’t PHP.INI a part of WP installation? Can you, Samboll or whooami, tell me in which directory you have this file saved? public-html/wp-admin, public-html/wp-content or where?



    PHP.INI is located on your server, tjoge011. You’ll need SSH access to edit it, or ask your hosting provider if they can do it for you.

    Samuel B


    no – php.ini is a host file
    should have one in root or above root – not in wp install
    however, some hosts keep this file hidden and you will need them to do the action for you

    did you try the wp-config.php code I gave you?

    Thread Starter tjoge011


    OK, Thanks for you help and info. I have contacted my host,SiteGround, and here is their answer:

    Unfortunately the upload_max_filesize setting cannot be changed on the shared hosting servers. The resources are shared among all users. They are set for the best performance.

    D M


    To samboll…

    I inserted the “define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);” you suggested into my wp_config.php file and it made no difference.
    Any other suggestions?

    Yeah, don’t confront your visitors with such big files? And or host them at youtube etc.

    EloquentBohemian look for the setting in your wp-settings.php and change it there, or see if you are able to change your php.ini as previously mentioned.

    I think I have the solution to this for you – even through it may seem a little late others searching for the issue who find this may be helped.

    The issue does lie in the php.ini file, but in two places.1




    Increase these both and you should be right.

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