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  • I’m surprised at how little information I was able to find regarding this topic. I have a website which I am currently adding and creating all news posts manually. You can see the site here:

    I wanted to use wordpress as a means of allowing me and other permitted members the ability to post news and notices without requireing me to do manual changes to my site’s code. However, from what I’ve heard, there is no way to put a blog INTO a website, instead you have to create your website from a blog…is this correct? I’m surprised there’s no php include tag, or some other script that you could use to simply plug in a blog into a cetain area of my site. This all seems rather bass-akwards to me, so I’m hopong there is a simpler way of getting this blog onto my site.


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  • Well, why would you continue to update static HTML pages manually when you could convert those static pages to WP Pages, and have your blog? And if you are familiar with PHP includes, you won’t have a problem at all customizing the heck out of it.

    I’d try that. Fit your current site’s design to WP, convert all its static pages to WordPress “Pages” and then set up your blog. It’s really not that hard. The time you spend setting that up now will be saved later on down the line when you can update all your site’s content with the click of a mouse button.

    Just my two.

    Woah, I’m having the same issues. However, to say I know nothing about PHP and so forth (my html is quite basic) is an understatement. Could someone possibly write a step-by-step guide for me please? Novice at work.

    You can set WordPress with a design close to the design of your previous website, but it is not a system that will magicaly convert a regular html site into a brand-new-dynamic-weblog (if I understood your question).

    Maybe I should clarify as I’m not very technically minded.

    I do have a website up and running, and I would like the blog to “appear” on the homepage. I like what I have at the moment and would like to keep it looking the same if possible!

    I agree…. What the heck?

    Is there ANY simple blog out there that we can simply php/include it into our existing website. All I need is a simple category listing and to show the posts within whatever category. A full blog system would be nice, but not so necessary. But, I would like to know that as well. Would still like to use a fuller blog system at another point.??? Help



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    Check out the following links which uses javascript (you will need to add to <head> to add rss feed of your blog in your html webpage.
    There are other solutions, Google is your friend. Good luck.

    I,too, have the same problem – have a professional editor that does a nice job of creating powerful websites – easy to change, to color, adding pages, completely flexible look. And, I wanted to have fresh content associated with it. So, I spent the last week studying both it and wordpress. It seems everyone thinks everyone else should change to “their” system. Yeah, swell. 20 HTML pages that I can instantly change and coordinate and they all don’t have to have the same header and footer like wordpress seems to require (not the focus of my looking, but it seems that all pages look the same in wordpress – just changing text).

    Logically, I can try to put wordpress in an established site or try to take a multifaceted powerful site and make it <heaven help me> a template.. It looks bleak if both sides insist that I give up the other and convert everything. <sigh> Unfortunately, so far, I’ve seen good questions on this forum and <uh> missing answers..

    I have taken my main page and put in php to make it hold story titles after reading someone’s write-up. I need to turn the html into php. That works, but what about all the references to index.htm and what about wordpress “home” not being the site home?

    So, I’m still hunting. I would have thought that wordpress would be designed to fit into websites – I guess not — like everyone else, they are….. “different” and you “must” pledge loyalty to sir wordpress and forsake all others… I guess <sigh>….

    I would have thought that SOMEONE would have put together something on how to merge wordpress into your site. [Sure, go tell verizon to dump their thousand of pages and make all have the same look because wordpress isn’t designed to work with other sites..??]

    I’ll keep looking some, but I’ve spent enough time trying to learn wordpress to make this work that I could have supported the other code for the next 6 months in the time I’ve blown on wordpress. Ouch.. Oh, well…

    — Joe B.

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