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    For the key word, “St. Petersburg”, I need to remove the period after “St” because there can’t be a period in the permalink. That also means that all “St. Petersburg” keywords in the content must also be without the period (St Petersburg) to achieve my Yoast SEO green signals this way, but the grammar is not correct without the (St.) periods.
    Does nayone have any suggestions about how I deal with this?

    Thank you,


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  • Marius — I wouldn’t worry much about this. Try just using petersburg as your focus keyword in Yoast for your own clarity. Search engines will pickup on the connection regardless.


    Good suggestion! I never thought of that. Thanks Lara.

    Unfortunately this suggestion does not fix the problem because if I put the word Petersburg into the Focus Keyword box, then I must do the same for the Page Title (if I want to get all green Yoast signals). That does not read right and also creates an incorrect Permalink.

    Any more suggestions? There must be a way arround this.

    Hi Marius — I’m not sure why just “Petersburg” wouldn’t be included in the title, but the more important thing is that the Yoast signals do not really matter. They’re just a gauge, and thankfully Google is much much “smarter” than Yoast as they’re the authors of the algorithm. I’d let this one slide. We do this (let it slide) often as well.

    Hi Marius, I agree with Lara. I have tons of page that show red according to Yoast, but Google finds them regardless.

    That’s interesting to hear. Is there any point to having the Yoast Plugin then?

    MJ — the tool should only be used as a personal guide and is not meant to guarantee anything.

    Thank you all for your input. I am closing this off now.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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