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  • Gaurav Singh


    Hi, I’ve been using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to try and optimize the page speed on my site –

    Overall, my scores are ok, 27 mobile/54 desktop. However, one of the “should fix” flags that comes up is Reduce server response time, Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content, Leverage browser caching, Optimize images, Minify CSS, Minify JavaScript and Minify HTML.

    We are using the business cloud hosting from Bluehost, so it’s not a cheap-o solution. I just contacted them and they gave me a typical response, nothing is wrong with their server and my website just needs to be optimized, which they’ll do for a big fee, of course. They wouldn’t tell me what exactly was “wrong” with my site to increase the response time on their end.

    So are they just giving me the run-around? Or is the problem actually on my end? If so, are there specific things I can do on my site to reduce website page speed?

    I would really appreciate any help!


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  • sinip


    This should give you more insight –

    You can click on “What’s this mean?” under every item to get some more info, and then you can Google as well if you need even more info and/or tips. But IMHO of course, if a page of just over 1MB takes over 10 s to load – you can freely blame lousy server. And as I have a habit of suggesting, go straight to to find out who is who in the hosting world, and take a better pick than Bluehost. And probably cheaper as well.

    Christa Elrod


    Use Better WordPress minify, Lazy load and W3 supercache plugins to reduce your load time.

    Note : Before activating the plugins backup your theme and wordpress database.



    use faster web hosting

    Try the recommendations in this guide.

    If they still don’t improve your server response time then your issue must be host related. I can offer you super fast hosting if you require it (under 10ms server response time)

    Just want to add that “27 mobile/54 desktop” is NOT OK as you say. Google will show red, orange or green for the scores, and you should aim to have green, which should be around > 85/100. 27 will give you a red, this is not OK.

    All the issues are easy to fix apart from Leverage Browser Caching and

    Optimize images – this is harder now because Google introdused lossy compression in the tests. The optimisation plugins like EWWW and Smush require payment to use their lossy compression. We have installed jpegoptim and optipng on the server to run them from the command line, they are free and work. We find 85% image quality suffices. If you can use command line, download all images to your computer and use software to do it, then reupload. I have a Mac and so use ImageOptim.

    Minify CSS, Minify JavaScript – we use Better WordPress Minify BWP

    Minify HTML – BWP does not do this but it should. I have yeto to do this on some sites. but sometimes Google reports this as an issue, sometimes it doesn’t.

    Optimise images will give you the biggest gain on score. Then dp the minification. You can get a much better score with these easy things.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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